What should a 8 month old baby be doing. Room decorations for baby

What Should A 8 Month Old Baby Be Doing

what should a 8 month old baby be doing

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Old days pic of the Day Mueed was Born in 1998& Recent days Pic of The Day He Achieved in 2010

Old days pic of the Day Mueed was Born in 1998& Recent days Pic of The Day He Achieved in 2010

First left side pic is past the day Mueed was born and right hand pic captured on June 7 2010 when he gets First Herb Quon Science Award and Peace awards and madel of Science fair.
I think I have told about I have breast feed Mueed not one year but full two and half years. He just did not allow any one to interfere between me and him when he needs his food. Poor Muawiz he was 8 months old when I have got pregnant again with Mueed and insist to breas feed hm sinc ehe was not liking to take milk from bottle/feeder. So my gynecologist said Bushra you have to stop breast feeding now since you are pregnant. I said Muawiz is not even a year old and he is not taking other food or milk so I feel better at least he is getting food from me. And doctor said, you know what the baby inside you getting his food from your body and you are breast feeding elder baby and your body is giving them food but you ar eeating as much you were eating before not the double you might feel weakness because of this so stop at least this one should have his food by himself not from you. But I was not able to do that so I was 5 months pregnant when one day Muawiz was in my lap when he just jumped out of my lap and in corner there was a feeder he gets that and pointed to fridge I was just astonished that he wants milk an dnt willing to get his milk from me. May be taste of my milk was not good as before for him. And Mueed after getting his milk always look around like he conquered something lol jaisey koi bara karnama anjam diy ahai aisey charon traf dekhta tha dhoodh peeny ke bad:D:D After two an dhalf years when with lot of efforts he stops he never ever use bottle just from cup he started other milk that was good.
I remember Mueed's diaper days:D One day I was busy in kitchen when Mueed little Mueed just learned how to talk and having a spark in his eyes he said, "Mama LOBA LOBA ker diya" Mama I have done loba loba(Toba Toba) and he was laughing out loud or in other words giggling during saying that:D:D at first I just thought what he means but jani pehchani sarehand ne batiya ke kiya kiy ahai:D:D and I was surprised that my God how he learned this and why he is saying loba loba ker diya instead of saying potty:D I just realized that two or three times when I have changed their solid diapers and wash them I usually says Toba toba kitni sarehand hai kab tum potty trained hu gy?? (Toba Oh God forgive me when these boys will be get potty trained) and he relates Toba to his diaper changing and said that lol Still I started laughing when I have think about that moment and how cute was he when he was saying that.
In Later days when abuse was on peek I usually stay very quite and sit still in my couch I ws like a Shackleton in those days and Mueed was barely 3 years old when one day he looks at me very carefully and all of a sudden started a funny dance and singing "Ming ming ming" I looked at him and realizing he is trying to mak eme smile I started smiling and he hugged me with his little an dcute arms saying "Mama khush hu giya mama khush hu giya" ( mom is happy now Mom is happy now)At that moment I just thought God is taking care you Bushra, you are blessed , otherwise how a three years old child can think mama is sad and need some internment.
And from his baby hood Mueed always response to music and in those days CNN has a different music before News or after News he just LOVED that music.
I remember after my separation from their father one day I have asked him Mueed why don't you sing that ming ming song again?? He answered, Mama ab khush hai, mama sad nahi/ Mom is happy mom i snot sad any more so mama don't need that song any more:D:D
And other thing when I take Muawiz to school after he gets admitted to kindergarten Mueed usually insisted me to stay in Park in front of school I always had him on stroller and over there was other Pakistani and Indian neighbors I was able to chit chat for a while. Now my EX started getting ma don me as one day when came back I heard noise in garage and was surprised a lot befotre lunch time he was home and he said where you been for such a long time??? At that time I just have seen in caller id his number more then twice from work. I told him in the park he said no you were not there I even told him that Mueed wants to play there he said not looks like you have other people you just want to talk to them must be some relations with other men. And I just ignored him. I just thought when we were coming back Mueed says Mama Muji's class mate mother was there and after talking to her you feel better na??Muawiz entered in school in 2002 an dyou can imagine how old was Mueed then and his thought were tooo mature was that my fault or really blessing of God I had such sensitive boys?? My father says in my kids Guddi is the most sensitive child of mine may be they are like me. Even now I am feeling I am a hard rock now not too sensitive any more;-)))))But I Love my sons a lot

Alexander John, August 30th, 2008

Alexander John, August 30th, 2008

7 pounds, 9 ounces, 21.5 inches long
10:19 A.M.

He is here, right on early Angela time, at 38 weeks, 6 days.

We went in Friday night at 10 P.M., after several hours of mild contractions. We live about 45 minutes from the hospital, and didn't want to take any chances, with Miss H having taken only 2 hours for her birth. On the way to the hospital, my contractions were coming every minute and a half, for a minute...we were getting a little freaked...the saving grace was that I could still manage through them with little problem.

Once we got to the hospital, everything slowed down...to the point where they considered me an "assessment" as opposed to an "admission". Crap!!!! In any case, we stayed and got comfortable as there was noone else in maternity that night.

After another check and a call to my doctor, I was admitted. Good timing;) as my contractions got a little less bearable and it was time to meet Mr. Demerol...love the demerol;).

The other fateful moment that happened right about here was when my awesome nurse Eleanor asked me what my birth plan was...birth plan? Oh yeah...the thing we never got around to discussing.

Why fateful? because in a blinding moment of idiocy, I decided that I would likely NOT want an epidural. You heard me. Absolute idiocy. I even made the joke that I would probably regret not being more forceful about being able to change my mind about the epidural...but I digress...

So between the demerol and the hot tub ( yum!!), I spent a completely relaxing evening managing some contractions. Really, I have not slept in 2 months, so the demerol made the minutes between the contractions the most restful I have had in recent memory. the water, the drugs...awesome. Mark managed to sleep from 1 - 6 A.M. while I was doing this, so all was good in maternity ward land:)).

Except for "The Moaner". She arrived on the scene at about 2 A.M....and did not stop moaning for the next 12 hours. Seriously. LOUDLY. Poor thing..and she was hours behind me in terms of readiness. Not fun. Not fun for her, not fun for me - she was scaring the shit out of me...not enough to rethink my epidural decision though...idiot. Me.

At 7, my beloved doctor showed up on the scene and broke my water. We switched nurses, from Eleanor to Stacey - how lucky am I to have gotten the two best nurses in eastern Ontario,LOL??? About and hour after that, I was hating her for breaking my water. See, somehow, I wasn't really listening when the nurses warned me that the demerol only works to a certain point...it was awesome at the beginning but then...wasn't. At all.

Okay, I had no drugs with Miss H out of necessity - there was no time, it was frantic, it was fast...this time it was not quite as fast and I was the only one who was frantic.

I wanted to die,LOL. I am not kidding. Sorry for anyone who has not had a baby yet if I am freaking you out - this was hard, the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The second hands on the clock were just not moving, the pain just would not stop and no one seemed to think that this was anything unusual.

I wanted, no DEMANDED, that everyone shut up around me, shared a few fuckity fucks and was generally the unhappiest I have ever been in my entire life. Truly. I thought I was going to pass out several times, but could not even verbalize one word, forget a cohesive sentence. And I was quiet. Dead quiet, so everyone thought I was doing great. Yeah - more like catatonically frozen with pain. You get the picture.

So, I finally move into sitting on a chair and decide I am not moving till I know this baby is coming out...I could not bear being checked only to be told that I was not ready to have the baby yet ( that happened about 45 minutes earlier and I was so defeated...). My nurse said to call her if I needed to push ( she said it to Mark as I was not letting anyone talk to me;)), and as soon as she left the room, I knew...I got the words out of my mouth, Mark chased her out of the room to catch her and my doctor...

So at 10:15 A.M. I was declared ready!!!!! 10 CM and ready to push...


10:19 A.M. Alex arrived:)

I don't fuck around,LOL - 4 minutes, 3 pushes, one beautiful baby boy:).

And I was done:)

And all smiles and sunshine the minute he was out - it was incredible! I felt like a million bucks and the luckiest girl in the world,LOL.

Alex is the smallest baby I have had - I am still marvelling at how little he is. The Boy and Miss H were 8'12 and 8'14 respectively, so Alex is truly their little brother:)).

We have had a few bumps since he arrived, but nothing major:). He is sleepy and a little slow to feed but he is a lovely, lovely, lovely baby. I am feeling terrific - sore now, but really great.

Oh, and the epidural? I should have gotten one,LOL. Not ever going to have to test that option again, but I think it is the only thing I would have changed:). I am too old for natural childbirth:).

And "The Moaner"? Moaned

what should a 8 month old baby be doing

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