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Baby Sleeping Solutions

baby sleeping solutions

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baby sleeping solutions - Sounds for

Sounds for Silence (Baby Settling Program for Sleeping, Sounds for Silence)

Sounds for Silence (Baby Settling Program for Sleeping, Sounds for Silence)

Developed and written by Dr Harry Zehnwirth, an experienced Pediatrician. The program is dramatically different to lullabies, and includes the reassuring and practical book about irritability and health issues in your young baby. Blended and layered sounds to distract, engage and soothe unsettled babies. It is the essential baby settling program. Visit www.okidokiebaby.com to see testimonials, media appearances and the program in action! The tracks are a unique combination of sounds that distract, engage and then soothe a crying baby. What's the difference between these sounds and others, such as lullabies? Put simply, they work! The whole program includes the proven Sounds for Silence Soundtracks, plus a no-nonsense Parenting Manual that cuts through the outdated conventions and beliefs of child rearing. Be reassured and uplifted, and realize that you are not alone. All young babies have fussy, crying periods. Read this book before you start to panic!

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(video) Sleep Experiment Pt. I

(video) Sleep Experiment Pt. I

This is part one of a series of sleep experiments.
The goal is to have a timelapse video of a complete sleep cycle.
this is not without difficulties:
usually when i sleep it is dark. darkness is the sworn enemy of phototaking or videoshooting.
there are four solutions to this problen:
- sleep during the day
- sleep while leaving light on
- shoot using a fullframe sensor camera and fast lens
- shoot using longtime exposure & high iso

i chose the latter solution.
so i shot roughly 250 frames (about 5 hours of sleep), each with an exposure of about 65 seconds.
i shot using iso800, which on a compact means severe noise. also, i disabled the darkframe creation, which led to heavy purple fringing / purple hazing (won't show in the video as purple, as i converted to grayscale).
i used CHDK (Canon Hackers Development Kit) to overcome a) the 15 second maximum shutter speed and b) the automatic taking of a darkframe
the taking of the darkframe would have produced better pictures, but also would have reduced the maximum number of possible images by half.
i used a fixed exposure, thats why in the end of the vid it quickly dissolves into white light when the sun rose. using CHDK i might be able to overcome this and use a script that automatically calculates the exposure, even such long exposures.

What else is there to write?
- this is my first HD video. and i think i did the aspect ratio wrong.
- i sleep like a baby from hell
- i am not happy with the rotation
- i moved too far to the "right" sometimes

conclusion: next experiment will technically be better, i hope

ill little Pudding

ill little Pudding

Pudding has been very ill since Monday afternoon. :(

he has improved, but he's still too weak to up himself after he accidentally flips over (before last night, he just couldn't). i spent all my time staring at him the first two nights so i could monitor his condition and put him back up on his feet ever single time he topples over. poor little boy. so fortunately he got stronger since last night and is able to get up -- i can finally sleep after more than 48 hours of staring at him endlessly!

he still can't eat and drink by himself. he doesn't seem to want to open his eyes either. he's still being syringe fed baby food, and multivitamin solution regularly.

i really hope he can get well soon! i really thought he was going to leave me on Monday evening. he went to the vet on Tues. going for a repeat consultation next week. Thank God he is still here and fighting it. he's getting old... :(

he likes to sleep on my palm now though. :)

baby sleeping solutions

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